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CLIL 3A 3B 2022/23

Course materials:

Lessons checklist 2022/23:

  1. (19th Sep 2022) Notions of trigonometry
  2. (26th Sep 2022) Trigonometry: reflections and shifts; angle sum and difference identities, double angle identities, half angle identities
  3. (6th Oct 2022) First and second theorem of right triangles, law of sines and chord theorem, law of cosines. Solution of some trig equations
  4. (13th Oct 2022) Solution of trig equations and other selected equations
  5. (20th Oct 2022) Solution of some selected equations and inequalities
  6. (3rd Nov 2022) Introduction to real functions of one real variable
  7. (10th Nov 2022) Domain of real functions of one real variable

Lessons checklist 2021/22:

  1. (16th Sep 2021) Exponential function and exponential equations
  2. (23rd Sep 2021) Exponential equations and inequalities
  3. (30th Sep 2021) Log equations and inequalities
  4. (7th Oct 2021) Notions of trigonometry
  5. (14th Oct 2021) Trigonometry: reflections, shifts, periodicity; angle sum and difference identities
  6. (28th Oct 2021) First and second theorem of right triangles, law of sines and chord theorem, law of cosines
  7. (4th Nov 2021) Solution of some trig equations (trigonometric degree-2 polynomial equations on
  8. (11th Nov 2021) Preliminary definitions to combinatorics: set, multiset, ordered set; power set of a set; factorial (definition and properties), binomial coefficient, Pascal's triangle (summation and product notation)
  9. (18th Nov 2021) Introduction to combinatorics
  10. (25th Nov 2021) Multinomial coefficient, combinatorics exercises
  11. (2nd Dec 2021) Combinatorics exercises, examples from poker
  12. (9th Dec 2021) Combinatorics exercises. Domain of real functions
  13. (16th Dec 2021) Domain, sign and parity of real functions
  14. (23rd Dec 2021) Domain, sign and parity of real functions
  15. (13th Jan 2022) Properties of even and odd functions
  16. (20th Jan 2022) Domain, sign, parity, limits
  17. (3rd Feb 2022) Limit of rational functions
  18. (10th Feb 2022) Limit of irrational functions, review (errata: correct plot of this function)
  19. (17th Feb 2022) Review; introduction to the integers mod n (quest'ultimo NON sarà argomento del test)
  20. (24th Feb 2022) TEST

Maths Days 6-7 April 2022

Enumerative Combinatorics and Poker.pdf



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